Hier findet ihr aktuelle Biere und Neuigkeiten der Brauerei BrewDog

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Introducing: The Beer Geek Awards

There are countless craft beer enthusiasts around the world who are just as passionate about great craft beer as we are. These people deserve to be celebrated for their relentless commitment to craft beer, and the impact they have on the industry, so today, we are introducing the BEER GEEK AWARDS!


BrewDog Decade of Dog

When BrewDog came howling into the world in 2007, there were no rulebooks to follow for starting a brewery – so the BrewDog men did things their own way.

The Wolf Is Here

Putting the craftsmanship back into spirits.

Nanny State

Nanny State exists to prove that alcohol-free need not equate to taste-free – and to celebrate its return to the online shop BrewDog decided to give four classic tales of dystopia and rebellion the BrewDog treatment.

BrewDog Craft Beer Hotel & Sour Beer Facility

BrewDog is launching the world's first crowdfunded beer hotel and sour beer facility, and you can be a part of it.



BrewDog Doghouse

BrewDog is on a mission to create a hopped up craft beer hotel in the heart of Ohio!

Puppy Parental Leave

BrewDog have introduced a pretty awesome new perk for all our staff, worldwide …

Latest update on the BrewDog Bond!

The BrewDog Bond is the latest way to invest in its renegade craft beer business! Offering a fixed rate annual income of 7.5% p.a., with the window for investment open for 45 days.

Mehr Infos zu BrewDog's Bond findet ihr hier!


BrewDogs's BIG BET

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Red or Black. One choice. One spin of the wheel. This is BrewDog's Big Bet.

Mehr Infos zu BrewDogs Big Bet findet ihr hier

Equity for Punks USA

BrewDog BrewPubs. If 500 people from any city in the U.S. invests in Equity for Punks USA, we'll open a BrewPub there.